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Psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment. Welcome to "IsraClinic"!

About the clinic

  • Private outpatient and inpatient mental health clinic.
  • Founded in 2005.
  • «Israclinic» is a highly experienced multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals.
  • Serving individuals, couples, families and groups, children, adolescent and adults.
  • Nationally accredited.
  • We provide outpatient psychiatric services for Israeli and foreign citizens.

Our Philosophy of care

  • We provide outpatient and inpatient psychiatric services.
  • Treatment approach is client-centered and focusing on individual needs in the content of our client lives.
  • Our primary goal focuses on a rapid alleviating of psychological distress resulting from life crises and mental disorder and on improving quality of life.
  • We believe that the nature of most mental disorders is social ,and from the early stages of treatment we focuses on restoring or improving social adaptation.
  • We offer psychopharmacological and behavioral, psychological treatments that are based on the latest research within the context of trusting and valid therapeutic relationship.
  • We strive to coordinate care with all providers involves with our patient to -achieve best integrated services.
  • We try to keep in touch with the patient after treatment for a long time. Postulated the principle of open doors.
  • Maximal client autonomy and socially mobility is a main goal of the treatment.

Our speciality

«Israclinic» experienced team of psychiatric professionals offers specialized assessment, diagnosis and treatment of variety of conditions. Conditions we specialize in include:

  • Stress- related disorders
  • Acute stress disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Stress of surgery
  • Affective disorders
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety and anxiety spectrum disorders
  • Panic disorder
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Phobias and social phobia
  • Chronic psychoses
  • Substance abuse and gambling
  • Children and adolescent addiction
  • Personality disorders
  • Schizophrenia

Treatment modalities

  • Medication evaluation and consultation.
  • Individual psychotherapy (CBT, DBT, psychodynamic approaches, author- copyright kind of psychotherapy)
  • Family and Couples therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 steps recovery program for addicts
  • Art therapy
  • Sport activities

Our staff

Mila Glozman-Reznik, MD

Мила.jpg Psychiatrist of psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Specialty: psychiatry, National Board Certified.

Сlinical experience:

2000-2005 - Internship in psychiatry at the hospital «Barzilay» (Ashkelon).

2005-2009 - Senior Doctor of Psychiatric clinic at the hospital «Barzilay» (Ashkelon).

2009 – present – Deputy Psychiatrist of the Southern District of Israel.

Professional interests: treatment and diagnosis of anxiety and depressive disorders, treatment and diagnosis of personality disorder, treatment and diagnosis of psychotic disorder, expert and forensic psychiatry. Engaged in teaching and research activities.

Pavel Mnuchin, MD

Psychiatrist of psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Specialty: psychiatry, National Board Certified.

Сlinical experience:
1996 - Graduated from the Russian National Research Medical University named after Pirogov (Second Moscow Medical Institute).

Completed his specialty at the Institute of Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow. Hereafter- residency training in psychopharmacology.
He was in charge of the therapy department, worked as neurologist and psychiatrist in the largest hospitals of Moscow.
He was Deputy Chief Doctor of the Moscow Neuropsychiatric Clinic, which was the basis of the Institute of Clinical Psychopharmacology.
1979 - repatriated to Israel. He worked in the largest public hospitals in psychiatric departments.

At the present time - Psychiatrist of health insurance company "Clalit", psychiatrist of clinic "IsraClinic".

Professional interests: outpatient treatment of psychosis, depression, borderline states, geropsychiatry.

Irina Haitovich, MD

isnfsoaufq - ISRACLINIC.jpg

Children and adolescent psychiatrist of Psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Specialty: psychotherapy, National Board Certified.

Hospital affiliation: Graduated from the school of psychotherapy, Tel Aviv University. Engaged in clinical practice, as well as teaching and research activities. Has experience both in hospital and in the clinic. Often appears on television on the topics of development and child rearing.

Professional interests: diagnosis and treatment of anxiety-depressive disorders, attention span, behavior and adjustment problems, relationships with parents and peers, school problems, mental disorders, eating disorders (anorexia) in children and adolescents, as well as developmental and communication disorders in young children such as autism and mental retardation.

Angela Drannikova, MD

Psychiatrist of psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Specialty: psychiatry, National Board Certified.

Сlinical experience:
She repatriated in Israel after graduation. After passing the examination for a medical license had an internship at a hospital "Ichilov" in Tel Aviv.
Specialized in the psychiatry area in the hospital "Talbiya" in Jerusalem. At the same place successfully passed the necessary examinations to obtain the title of doctor of higher category. At the same time workes as a lecturer at the Jerusalem University.

At the present time combines the work of Chief medical and mental health services at the Association of Public Health at Ashdod branch with the work in the clinic "IsraClinic".

Professional interests: treatment of various psychiatric pathologies - schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses and conditions, mood and affect disorders, the spectrum of anxiety disorders, mental-health disorder due to violation of a medical condition or other reasons, a personality disorder.

Owns a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques (dynamic psychotherapy, treatment of crisis situations, group therapy), experience in forensic psychiatry, experience as a lecturer, examiner and head of practice among students of the University of Jerusalem.

Meyrav Chen, MD

Neurologist of psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Specialty: psychiatry, National Board Certified.

Сlinical experience:
1980 - Graduated from the Stavropol State Medical University.
After repatriation took his residency in neurology at the Department of Neurology in «Ichilov» hospital, the largest medical center in Israel. Successfully confirmed his specialty.
Years of experience as neurologist in the hospitals "Ichilov", "Tel Hashomer".
At the present time - Chief neurologist of health insurance company "Clalit" in Ashdod, Head of the Neurological Association of the Central District of Israel. Child and adult neurologist at a psychiatric outpatient and inpatient clinic "IsraClinic".
Known as expert in neuroscience in Israel and abroad, participant at numerous conferences on the neuroscience, professor at Tel Aviv University.

Professional interests: child neurology, adult neurology.

Kotlyar Nadezhda

Nadejda anons.jpg

Psychologist of psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Сlinical experience:
Graduated from the Omsk State College with a degree in psychology. Specialized general and thematic improvement in psychiatry, psychotherapy and medical psychology at the Academy of Postgraduate Education (Moscow), Postgraduate Institute (Novokuznetsk), Omsk State Medical Academy (Omsk).
Retrained on a variety of educational seminars and training courses with leading Russian and foreign specialists.

She worked as a medical psychologist at the Omsk Regional Hospital, was engaged pathopsychological diagnosis, individual counseling, group therapy. Then she worked as counselor at the center of "The philosophy of healthy life", conducted a private practice in Omsk.

On arrival in Israel was trained in the Institute named after Wingate by holistic psychotherapy. Combines work in the clinic "IsraClinic" with an extensive private practice.

Major appliances: an integrative dialogue psychotherapy, transactional analysis, elements of Gestalt therapy. Works in a holistic approach.

Zaev Viktor, MD

Physician of psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Specialty: therapy, National Board Certified.

Сlinical experience:
Physician with an additional specialization of chronic pain syndromes, a specialist in family medicine in clinic "IsraClinic"
Immigrated in Israel in 1999, served as an army doctor, worked in the health insurance and medical centers in Israel.

Professional interests: family therapy, diagnosis and treatment of difficult cases of general practice patients with mental disorders.

Kravitz Alexander

Specialist in sport-therapy of psychiatric clinic of outpatient and inpatient treatment «IsraClinic»

Сlinical experience:
1989 – Graduated from the Omsk State College with a degree in paramedical activity. After college - an extensive medical practice: working as paramedic in the children's city hospital in Omsk, in the first-aid station, in psychoneurologic dispensary.
He graduated from the courses of massage and sports rehabilitation.
After immigrating to Israel reaffirmed its specialization in «Wolfson» hospital. In addition, a degree in physical rehabilitation and physical therapy in college «Cay».
He worked as a specialist in physical therapy and sports rehabilitation in a football team "Hapoel" (Israel).
He worked in the largest psychiatric hospitals in Russia and Israel.

Professional interests: extensive clinical and private practice in physical rehabilitation and sport-therapy.

We are waiting for your calls to "IsraClinic" on the phone +972 (77) 556 57 90 or by e-mail info@israclinic.com

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