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Ladies and gentlemen!

The staff of a psychiatric hospital outpatient and inpatient treatment "IsraClinic" Thank you for your attention devoted to the study of our official site.

Turning to us, you will be able to recover or return of a loved one to a normal fulfilling life. People with mental disorders require special attention, and that attention to them staffed psychiatric clinic «IsraClinic».

Over the years of practice in our "track" list of hundreds of patients who previously suffered from depression, phobias, panic attacks, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and today almost all of them have returned to normal life.

In order to get treatment in "IsraClinic" You need to fill out an application for the treatment, please contact us via the feedback form, by phone or email. You can also contact one of our official regional representatives. We very quickly examine the essence of your treatment, pick up the individual program of diagnosis and treatment and will contact you to answer all your questions.
Thank you for your appeal,
psychiatric clinic staff "IsraClinic".

The contact details of the psychiatric clinic "IsraClinic"

Psychiatric outpatient clinic "IsraClinic" located at:

Rishon le Zion (a suburb of Tel Aviv)

st. Moshe Levi 11, business center "UMI"

Phones in Israel: +972 (77) 556-57-90

E-mail: info@israclinic.com

Official Swiss
Phone: +41 (22) 501-76-15
E-mail: info@israclinic.com



Official in Italy
Phone: +39 (06) 8997-13-71
E-mail: info@israclinic.com




Official in Finland
Phone: +358 (40) 846-56-58
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com




Official in the Baltic States
Phone: +371 673-73-144
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com




Official in Georgia
Phone:+995 (32) 242-30-92
E-mail: info@israclinic.com



Official in Kazakhstan
Phone:+7 (727) 350-60-07
E-mail: info@israclinic.com



Official representation in Russia
Phone: 8-800-333-64-68
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com


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Official representation in Ukraine
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com


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Official representative office in Moscow
Phone:+7 (499) 653-95-98
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com


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Official Saratov
Phone:+7 (8452) 93-75-72
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com


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Official Omsk
Company Intermed
Phone: +7 (3812) 48-08-08, +7 (3812) 59-00-77
Address: Omsk, Dekabristov 108
E-mail address: intermed55@mail.ru


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Official in Rostov-on-Don
Phone:+7 (863) 259-81-91
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com


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Official Krasnodar
Phone: +7 (861) 245-73-34
E-mail address:info@israclinic.com


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