Лучшая психиатрическая клиника, предоставляющая комплексное лечение на русском языке


IMG_2176.JPGDevelopment of the world psychiatric science was not a continuous process. In psychiatry, as in any other sphere of human activity, they had their revolution periods of stagnation and breakthroughs. In different periods of one or the other country becomes the center of psychiatric research, but at the same time, each country and each school contributes to its development.

With the formation of the State of Israel here headed the citizens of many countries, which brought diverse cultures, different knowledge and approaches, including in medicine. Doctors who came to Israel were from different countries and belonged to different schools. A large number of doctors - people from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania - have brought the German classical school of psychiatry and psychotherapy. Many founders of psychiatric research in Israel were pupils or treated to schools of Freud, Jung, Adler. Immigrants from other countries brought with them a different approach. Today in Israel, includes representatives of the German, French, American, Russian school of psychiatry. This allows you to more fully and clearly evaluate the possible advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to gain knowledge and skills to work with patients with maximum efficiency and achieve better results.

The Israeli system of training of psychiatrists, one of the most intense, complex and lengthy. After graduating from medical university and compulsory, the practice of graduates who wish to become a psychiatrist, takes specialization, which lasts 4-6 years and includes not only practical work and in-depth study of psychiatry, but also the study of neuroscience and psychotherapy. In addition, shall midterms, complex in form and content. This ensures a sufficiently high level of psychiatric experts.

In addition, it is very important in Israel held a large number of medical studies related to genetics, neurophysiology, psychology and clinical psychiatry. This greatly affects the overall level of psychiatrists, many of whom, in spite of the practical work, participate in scientific activities.

In today's world, despite globalization, there are still borders between different schools and medical approaches. We can say that even in terms of drug treatment there are differences, for example, between the American and European psychiatry. In Israel, there is this division, and we use both European and American drugs.
Psychiatry in Israel

One of the important advantages of the Israeli psychiatry is a multicultural and raznoyazyky environment that allows us to understand the religious and cultural characteristics of different peoples, and to provide them with assistance in their native language.
One positive aspect is the diversity of medical care in Israel. Along with public hospitals and clinics, and care is provided in hospital offices, and in the private sector.
The approaches to the treatment of psychiatric pathologies in Israel the most forgiving, recommendations for hospital treatment are, as a rule, in cases when outpatient treatment is not possible because of the severity of the patient.

The hospital is a private hospital room. Every patient has its own separate comfortable house with a TV, refrigerator and shower facilities. The department has multilingual staff.

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