Лучшая психиатрическая клиника, предоставляющая комплексное лечение на русском языке


Stressful situations - is an essential attribute of modern society. On the one hand, is unthinkable without the development of society, on the other hand, the negative effects of emotional stress on a person can significantly reduce quality of life, and sometimes significantly reduce its duration. In the fight against the negative effects of emotional stress is well proven therapy.

For the first time the term "therapy" appeared in the late XIX century English doctor in the book of Daniel Hack Tuke "illustrate the effect of the mind on the body." By that word we mean a certain therapeutic effect, which is the spirit of the patient may have in relation to the patient's body through the influence of a physician. Today, in the twentieth century ideas about psychotherapy is much enhanced. Besides the fact that there was a theoretical justification of psychotherapeutic influence on the person appeared and continues to appear every day a great number of psychotherapeutic techniques. But the ultimate goal of all types of psychotherapy alone - improving the quality of human life.

Now imagine yourself for a moment in the role of patient wandering the market psychotherapeutic services. Classical psychoanalysis, short psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, etc. Only one listing the names can make a book. But time is running out. All that a patient seeks in psychotherapy - is the availability, efficiency and speed in solving their problems.

Recent studies have shown that the efficacy of psychotherapeutic treatment does not depend on the type of psychotherapy, but depends on effective communication between patient and therapist. Experienced therapists clinic «IsraClinic» help patients get rid of psychological problems due to the individual approach to every call for help. In addition, the common mentality (doctors clinic - immigrants from the former Soviet Union) and communication in the mother tongue is the key to effective communication, and therefore the successful treatment.

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