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Treatment of addictions

Modern man, who lives in the era of stress and instability is increasingly dominated by addictions. Drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling became real disasters of our society. They destroy families, destroy man from inside and can cause death.

Unfortunately, people are often prone to addiction, thus leaving the problems of conflicts they face. Therefore, the professional help of experts - doctors, drug treatment, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and specialists needed for rehabilitation to people unable to return to normal life.

Specialists Clinic «IsraClinic» ready to provide comprehensive assistance in the organization of treatment of patients with a diagnosis of alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction. Typically, the treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months (determined based on the age of the patient, and the long period), it can be both ambulatory and stationary. Patients are under the supervision of specialists around the clock clinics, working with narcologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists. If necessary, the patients taking part in the therapy group.

Of course, only one medical clinic effort «IsraClinic» enough: mandatory and a prerequisite for treatment is the patient's desire to get rid of addiction and awareness of their problems. Only the voluntary consent of the patient to treatment can lead to a long and lasting effect: a shining example of what is possible, is the experience of trainers «IsraClinic» on the program "12 Steps", because many of them do not take alcohol, drugs, and do not play at the casino and machines for 10-15 years. In our medical practice there are patients who have won their dependence 10-12 years ago and did not return to his former life.

Contact the clinic «IsraClinic», we will be happy to help you.

Treatment of Alcoholism

Israeli doctors have long concluded that the drunkenness and alcoholism - is the same disease, such as SARS or influenza. Like any illness, alcoholism requires urgent treatment.

Addiction psychiatrists, psychotherapists «IsraClinic» develop an individual program of treatment - outpatient or inpatient. Its specialists - trainers, doctors - provide support to the patient during the entire period of rehabilitation. The task of our specialists - not just remove the physical addiction, but exclude psychological dependence.

In parallel with the treatment of the patient is working with his relatives who are willing to help the patient overcome the craving for alcohol. To achieve results can only be subject of continuous treatment, individual and group work. Under the group therapy in the clinic «IsraClinic» imply meeting therapeutic nature which are always under the supervision of a psychologist or an instructor.

Each individual rehabilitation provides for an implementation of the three objectives:

  • Physical rehabilitation;
  • Psychological rehabilitation - knowledge of the whole entire problem;
  • Preparation of initial skills that will help to live without alcohol drug treatment clinic walls and beyond.

Please send your appeals to the "IsraClinic" by phone +972 (77) 556 57 90 or by e-mail info@israclinic.com

Addiction Treatment

One of the most terrible events, which are firmly & laquo; implemented & raquo; in a person's life the twentieth century - a drug addiction of millions of people worldwide. An increasing number of drug addicts and the general availability of narcotic drugs is alarming at all.

In order to cope with addiction requires a comprehensive addiction treatment. The first and very important part of the treatment of addiction is the desire to be cured of a dependent. Aware of their problem and wanting to eradicate it with the help of specialists & laquo; IsraClinic & raquo; addict has a great chance for a full recovery.

Our doctors use the unique author's methods of addiction treatment, allowing the patient more safely through a period of withdrawal from drugs and the concomitant withdrawal. Our methods help to quickly overcome the psychological dependence through an integrated approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Treatment for drug addiction in the & laquo; IsraClinic & raquo; effective yet because the patient gets a completely new situation. The clinic & laquo; IsraClinic & raquo; the patient is surrounded by people who sincerely wish him recovery.

Please send your applications to the & quot; IsraClinic & quot; by phone +972 (77) 556 57 90 or e-mail info@israclinic.com



Getting rid of nicotine addiction

Hundreds of thousands of people in the world suffer from nicotine addiction & ndash; according to, which leads to serious health problems. Cardiovascular and mental diseases, lung disease, cancer & ndash; is not a complete list of diseases, which leads to the development of smoking.

There are many ways to quit smoking, but each is based on a desire to get rid of smoking addiction. Psychiatric hospital outpatient and inpatient treatment & laquo; IsraClinic & raquo; is the exclusive representative of the unique method of getting rid of smoke & laquo; Smokex Pro & raquo;.

Following the procedure, clinic specialists conduct individual consultations to change the behavior of the patient, for the avoidance of circumstances associated with smoking, and the explanation of the appearance of nicotine hunger.

Please send your applications to the & quot; IsraClinic & quot; by phone +972 (77) 556 57 90 or e-mail info@israclinic.com


Treatment of gambling addiction

Everyone once in my life playing games of chance & ndash; casino, slot machines, card games for money. However, there are people for whom the game becomes an obsession. Such people suffer from gambling or Gamblers.

Gamblers (game addiction, gambling, gambling addiction) - a pathological gambling. It is frequently repeated episodes of gambling that dominate human life and lead to a decrease in social, occupational, material and family values.

In most cases gambling can not get rid of their own gambling. Then come to the aid therapists clinics & quot; IsraClinic & quot ;, which returns the patient to the same values ​​in life, to help realize the devastating effects of gambling addiction, and the model with the dependent situations that are associated with the game, and are considering the possibility to avoid them.

Please send your applications to the & quot; IsraClinic & quot; by phone +972 (77) 556 57 90 or e-mail info@israclinic.com

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